vrijdag 11 januari 2019

Meanwhile in Oxford

Zoonlief, hartendief is inmiddels weer vertrokken naar de collegezalen aan de overkant. Hierboven een voorbeeld van de 'lectures' door zijn 'tutor' Dr. Vicky Neale⇲  Lesgeven is topsport: een introductie van de complexe getallen.
Much is written about life as an undergraduate at Oxford but what is it really like? As Oxford Mathematics's new first-year students arrive (273 of them, comprising 33 nationalities) we thought we would take the opportunity to go behind the scenes and share some of their experiences.
Our starting point is a first week lecture. In this case the second lecture from 'An Introduction to Complex Numbers' by Dr. Vicky Neale. Whether you are a past student, an aspiring student or just curious as to how teaching works, come and take a seat.

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